Welcome To Fox Valley Cryotherapy

Fox Valley Cryotherapy (FVC) was the first cryotherapy facility in the Fox Valley established in June of 2016. It is locally owned by Joseph and Erin Mattice both of whom reside in Appleton, Wisconsin. We strive to be involved in the community by making it a happy and healthy place to live.

We welcome you to come enjoy conversation while feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

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*Friend must reference your name in order to get free cryotherapy session, Cryoskin excluded

What We Offer



Andrew Kauzlaric

This place is awesome! The owners are great people & have great customer service. The power of Cryotherapy is incredible, I come here 1-3x a week depending on how sore I am from training in MMA & I can't even explain how crucial it has been for my recovery & less injuries from being able to recover from a hard workout. I've had other nagging injuries that weren't always workout related that it has helped me as well. I come in when I'm sick to help boost my immune system too. I can't imagine life without Cryotherapy now!

Chad S Otis

Great owners! I ran Grandma's marathon on June 18th and it was hot and miserable and I was hurting badly after. Went into Fox Valley Cryotherapy two days later sore as can be. The day after my visit I felt like I could go out for a run. No doubt I'm a customer for life!

Amy Jane Osswald

I have had Fibromyalgia for about 7 yrs & have tennis elbow. I have tried all the fibromyalgia medications, some of them twice but nothing worked. I heard about Cryotherapy through a friend who bought me a birthday gift for a buy 1 get 1 session. I wanted to give it a good chance so I went 10 days in a row. My elbows haven't felt this good in years. My fibromyalgia in my legs is not gone but it has improved which is way more then any pills I have tried. I continue to go 1-2x a week to maintain. I highly recommend this! Everyone there is so nice & always greets you with a smile.

Kelly Grambow

Not only have the benefits of cryotherapy been amazing, the owners are pretty great as well. I swear it is like walking into a friend's house. I would highly recommend you give these local business owners a visit!

Abby Huettl

Amazing! Erin is wonderful and really takes the time to make you feel comfortable (I was nervous about the cold). I have done two sessions and feel amazing. My arthritis pain has gotten better and I feel all around great. I am excited to see what the long term benefits bring!

Missy Anderson

I LOVE cryotherapy! I have had back and hip pain for a long time and saw a dramatic reduction in my pain after 2 sessions. I slept much better and was able to move with a lot less pain. I would absolutely recommend this therapy. The owners are extremely nice and helpful.