Cryotherapy Reviews

Cryotherapy Reviews

Cryotherapy Reviews

We strive to provide the BEST cryotherapy service in the Fox Valley area. Check out some of our unbiased cryotherapy reviews or leave a review of your own.

I have Fibromyalgia and I have had it for about 7 years. I Also have tennis elbow. I Have tried all the medication for fibromyalgia some of them twice but nothing worked. I heard about Cryotheropy through a friend who bought me a birthday gift for a buy 1 get 1 session for my birthday. I wanted to give it a good chance so I went 10 days in a row. My elbows haven’t felt this good in years, as for My fibromyalgia in my legs its not gone but it has improved which is way more then any pills I have tried. I continue to go once or twice a week to maintain. I highly recommend this and everyone there is so nice and always great you with a smile.   -Amy O.


People have been using cryotherapy for a very long time. Remember… it starts with an ice pack. That’s cryotherapy right there. Expand it to include other parts of your body and you will wonder why took you so long. I have found relief from fibromyalgia arthritis other chronic pain. It also has given me energy and improved my mood. If you take the time to understand the science behind cryotherapy you understand why it works. Just ask the folks at Appleton cryotherapy and they will tell you.  -Gwen C.


So thankful to have this small business in our community. Cryotherapy helped my son heal quicker when he dislocated a finger. My teen daughter visits after strenuous hockey and track workouts. And my husband visits to help reduce inflammation from a back injury. Thank you!   – Danielle M.


I am an arthritis sufferer and have permanent joint damage in my ankle as a result of the arthritis. The first time I came in for full body therapy I was in a lot of ankle pain and feeling all over body stiffness. My all over stiffness went away completely within hours and my ankle swelling and pain level diminished throughout the day. I went back two days later for another treatment (as recommended) with even better results! Pain that would have taken a week or more to recover from was gone in three days! I am told that will improve even more with more sessions! The owners are so nice, helpful, and knowledgeable!  -Candy S.


Not only have the benefits of cryotherapy been amazing, the owners are pretty great as well. I swear it is like walking into a friend’s house. I would highly recommend you give these local business owners a visit!  -Kelly G.


I LOVE cryotherapy! I have had back and hip pain for a long time and saw a dramatic reduction in my pain after 2 sessions. I slept much better and was able to move with a lot less pain. I would absolutely recommend this therapy. The owners are extremely nice and helpful.                 -Missy A.


Seriously the greatest treatment I’ve tried after having ACL reconstructive surgery. I feel like I’ve been given a brand new leg and it was just the greatest. If you haven’t tried this and you have body pain please try it!! Extremely professional and friendly owners and I recommend anyone go see them!!   -Adam J.


I got both a standard treatment and a localized treatment for my plantar faciatis. It was unbelievable. Initial relief…. but more important it last several days of being active and on my feet – if you have it? You KNOW what a blessing that is!!!!  -Margie S.

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